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RC 600 Size Electric Helicopter CF

SolidWorks Models

RC 600 size electric helicopter
€50.00 for 1 download in the next 1 days

The model is very accutare. Some parts +-0mm and some parts +-0,2-0,3mm.

The main idea to model this rc helicopter was to be able to make custom carbon fiber parts.

Some parts are missing, like the tail drive belt. There are also missing other parts that are not needed to reproduce some custom parts. (Bolts, screws and nuts)

All parts in the pictures are attached together as in real life rc helicopter.

Only some parts has been reproduced.

Almost all parts named as real life parts names.

Do not buy this item if you need a 100% ready rc helicopter CAD model.


Please notice these facts/pictures before you buy this product.


83 parts | SolidWorks 2011 assembly

11 assemblies | High detailed

ZIP file size: 36,8 MB

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